Recyclables are accepted the second and fourth Saturday of each month from 9-11am at the Town Hall.

Accepted are #1 & #2 plastic, newspapers, magazines, glass & aluminium cans.

Dumpster Day 2021 - May 15th (first Saturday after Mother's Day).  See below for acceptable Recylables.

Accepted: appliances, metal, furniture, Electronics (Household items only (NO business material) - ONLY ITEMS LISTED WILL BE ACCEPTED:

*All computers/PC        * Blue-Ray Players           *Cell phones         *Cameras

*Cable Boxes              * Desktop Printers/Scanners/copiers          * DVD/VCR Players

*iPods/iPads              * Keyboards              *Laptops        *Mice        *E-Notebooks

*Routers/modem      * Storage Devices    *Servers     *Tablets     *UPSs

*Video Equipment   * All Wiring/Cords

*All Monitors(including All in One Monitors)

* All TV's(including Console, Projection, LCD & LED)

There will be a charge for tire recycling. Cash or check accepted. Exact change would be appreciated.

The cost will be as follows:

  • Car tires - $5 each;
  • Truck tires - $10 each;
  • Tractor tires - $20 each.

Walworth County Clean Sweep Info 2021-to be announced.