Attention all residents!!

On Monday, December 12, 2018, the Town Board decided not to persue

putting in a new Peters Road bridge at this time.

The million dollar plus cost to the Town would be

too great of a burden to all the residents. It will also hamper

the Town’s ability to continue to keep up with road work.

The Federal funding grant cycle will be in two years.

Perhaps at that time, the parameters for construction and design

will be in a more favorable position for the Town to apply for funding.

The Peters Road bridge will remain closed.

The Town Board thanks you for understanding in keeping the bridge closed.


Effective Thursday, July 24, 2014, the bridge on Peters Road over the railroad tracks will be CLOSED until further notice.  Walworth County and the State Railroad Commission have deemed it unsafe.

It will remain closed until funding is obtained and a new bridge can be installed.

Sorry for the inconvenience this will cause you.

The Town Board of Sharon